On-site Food Booths & Food Trucks
~ Prepackaged food not produced by vendor or by a Utah business are prohibited for sale at Sunset Farmers Markets. Drinks are allowed.

~ Alcohol may not be sold at Sunset Farmers Markets.

~ Vendors are responsible for cleaning their vending area and disposing of waste products in accordance with the Utah County Health codes. Any charges assessed by the Springville Parks and Recreation Department for items such as grease and food stains will be passed on to and become the responsibility of the vendor.

~ On-site food vendors must acquire all proper permits required by the Health Department and the Department of Agriculture. Every person in the on-site food vendor booth who handles food must have a current State of Utah Food Handlers Permit, regardless of age. You can acquire a Food Handler's permit at the Utah County Health Department. All permits, both State and County, must be present and prominently displayed in the booth at all times.

~ Vendors found in violation of the State of Utah Department of Agriculture or the Utah County Health Department Guidelines, by either the health inspector or Sunset farmers Markets, shall be asked to remove the item(s) in question or relinquish their space and forfeit any fees paid to Sunset Farmers Markets.

~ Food vendors are required to carry liability insurance.

(FOOD TRUCKS are NOT permitted to participate in  The Orchard at University Place Mall market. Sunset Farmers Markets has to get special permission from University Place Mall for each ON-SITE FOOD BOOTH.)

- $25 Application Fee
- $20 a Day
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Helpful Resources

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